“Janileigh is a star in the old fashioned sense of the word. It’s in her blood. No one made her who she is, her soulful melancholy is entirely home grown and her beauty entirely her own. She comes straight from her heart and stole mine as soon as I heard her sing. She evokes Janis, Ian, sometimes or maybe even Joni Mitchell, but she is born of her own inspiration and I cannot wait to see where she takes her vision.” – Beth Orton

"You know when you hear a track that is so (apparently) simple and beautiful you have to stop everything and listen to it ten times in a row?" - Lauren Laverne, 6 Music

Janileigh Cohen is a singer-songwriter from Bolton who crafts sound with an evocative, emotive depth, drawing on folk influences and yet delivering with the power of classical greats. Tracks are tenderly arranged, as if to highlight the natural building and burr of emotion. What is most captivating is Cohen’s voice: apart from its roaring, beautiful tone and the composed way each note is delivered, one can hear the strength of maturity in young age; the self-composed personality of a songwriter having a conversation with life; a young woman putting down her raw sensibility in a song.

Janileigh has honed her craft busking in her Northern hometown and around Europe, along with performing at open-mic nights.

Janileigh Cohen

Janileigh Cohen

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